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Our PPC and Local SEO services are designed to accelerate traffic growth and leads for small to medium sized businesses.  We tailor our digital marketing solutions to meet each individual clients needs.
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Google Local SEO Services

Google Local SEO

Local search results dominate the real estate on mobile devices.  We specialize in optimizing  websites for local search to ensure you are capturing the most important search traffic.

Our local SEO services are designed to improve your search rankings for search terms relevant to your business.

Paid Search Management Services

Paid Search Marketing (PPC)

Paid search campaigns are a great way to provide an immediate boost to sales/traffic while providing a high ROI.  Paid search allows  you to specifically target customer based on keywords that are relevant to your product or service.

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Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media

Want to give your brand some personality and keep your customers engaged? Over 80% of customers expect brands to have a social media presence.  Yet many companies struggle to meet expectations on these new platforms.  Let us help you develop a presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin.

local search for businessesLocal Search Engine Optimization

Don’t let the advantage of having a physical location slip away.  Google places an emphasis on local search results, which means local SEO is more important than ever.  Why does Google display local results at the top?  Because over 90% of mobile users perform local searches when looking to make a purchase.  In fact, according to Hubspot statistics, 76% of people perform a local search before visiting a store.  More importantly, 97% learn more about a local business online.

Why Local Results are so Important

Searches are now funneled towards local results.  Many products and services now appear with the “near me" autofill function in the Google search box.

People don’t call friends and ask “Do you know a good plumber" or “what’s the best computer".  Everyone has someone else they rely on.  And that someone is Google.  With Google reviews, people now put their trust in the masses.  Over 85% of people trust reviews posted online.  

What is the Google Local 3 Pack?

The Google 3 pack is the top 3 companies listed in local results for a given search term.  The 3 pack is accounts for over 60% of local search clicks.  This means that up to 60% of people might not be finding your products or services.

Start Getting Found in Search with the help of a top local SEO Company

When it comes to small to medium sized business, local customers are critical to their survival.  Our experts help businesses achieve the coveted local 3 pack rankings to increase store traffic, phone calls and more.

Many local SEO companies try to combine their SEO packages with expensive web design packages.  At the Search Mentor, we offer affordable rates containing options with and without web design.  In addition, we give 100% of the content rights to our clients.  This means that our clients retain all content rights if they decide to cancel.

Social Media Services

Engage Your Customers and Improve Brand Recognition

Social media accounts are held by over 80% of US Adults.  Not only that, but over 2 hrs is spent on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.  This provides tremendous opportunity for customers to talk about your brand.

Before the digital age, many businesses relied on “word of mouth" to attract more customers.  A great product or service was all that was needed to keep customers rolling in.  That still holds true.  But now word of mouth travels much faster and to many more people.  A single message will possibly be seen by hundreds of others within a persons social network.  This means is more important than ever, to provide great products and service.

Having an effective email marketing program is key ingredient to maintain repeat customers.  It allows you to tap into your existing customer base to drum up new sales.  And the best part is you can do this at a very low cost.

Many businesses try too hard with their email campaigns.  They often flood their customer’s inbox with every company update.  This can be intrusive and turn customers away from your business.

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Digital Marketing Services

Full Service Digital Marketing

Everything in Digital Marketing is connected and compliments each other.  A comprehensive digital marketing strategy is one that includes, SEO, Paid search, email and social media.  It is important that businesses of all sizes engage in each area of digital marketing.

How we Help you Compliment You

First, you want to capture a searchers attention by appearing as a relevant result in search.  Next, you should quickly explain how your product/service provides value.  Then businesses want to keep their engagement on social media sites.  You can do this by offering related content, contests or prizes.  The benefit is increased when they share your content, leave positive reviews and recommend your company to others.  Lastly, email communication can keep customers informed on new products and services as well as sales and discounts.

At the Search Mentor we provide expertise through all phases of the search funnel

You can capture a searches visit by ranking highly in organic results or by presenting a search ad.  Typically, organic search optimization is a long term strategy while PPC ads provide immediate results.

The last phase can be accompanied by email campaigns that give information on product updates and offers.  In most cases, it is less expensive to retain a customer than it is to attract a new one.

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